Tech expertise

Softech’ team of experienced developers have worked and delivered on all major web and mobile technology platforms.

React native 98%
React native 98%
React native 98%
React native 98%
React native 98%
React native 98%
  • React native
  • ReactJS, Redux
  • AngularJS
  • Android, iOS
  • JAVA
  • SAP Hybris
  • PHP


We specialize in the digitalization of sales processes for our clients, and provide customized solutions that are designed to boost sales, increase profit margins, and automate sales processes.


By leveraging the latest technologies and automation tools, we can help our clients boost their sales, reduce manual errors and speed up processes. Our approach to digitalization includes incentivizing and educating our clients’ employees to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to make the sale happen and drive rapid performance growth, as well as improve the overall customer experience by providing personalized and efficient services that meet the needs and preferences of customers.

  • Improve sales revenue
  • Track sales in real-time
  • Build strong relationships with frontline employees
  • Effortlessly train frontline employees to know everything about products
  • Measure ROI
  • Eliminate the hassle of facilitating an incentive program while keeping your employees happy

Revolutionize your business

Our B2B product is a cutting-edge SaaS fintech platform designed to revolutionize the way businesses incentivize and motivate their frontline employees. With our assistance, companies can easily and effectively boost their sales by providing incentives and rewards to their employees for reaching specific targets and goals. We utilize the latest technology to streamline the process of tracking employee performance, providing real-time analytics and reporting, and automating the distribution of rewards

Join us

Whether you’re a small business looking to increase employee motivation or a large enterprise seeking to optimize your sales strategies, our platform provides the tools you need.

Join the growing number of companies that are using our platform to drive their sales and incentivize their employees in new and innovative ways.