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The Top Trends On Mobile App Development

The Top Trends On Mobile App Development

According to Touchpoints’ report, currently 2.1 Billion people worldwide own a smartphone. Adults aged 25 plus use their phone approximately 264 times a day, which includes texting and calling. For people aged between 15 and 24 that number rises to 387 time a day. If the average sleeping time for this age group is 10 hours, this equates to some sort of mobile activity every other minute And the use of smartphone and mobile apps is only going to increase in 2017!

•  Mobile commerce apps will continue to gather momentum in 2017. However, both Apple and Google, are committed to making security their top most priority in 2017.

•  Cloud technologies will be used more to develop apps that require integration with IoT, wearables, drones etc. Cloud is the answer to every app that has heavy graphics and functions. They are fast, can be built without any restriction and most of all they are secured. The focus is to integrate and sync mobile apps to multiple devices.

•  The focus will turn towards more of usability than aesthetics. Complex navigation usually results in high bounce rate. Unfriendly navigation can be a big blockage to success.

•  AR and VR apps will slowly invade more of our lives besides gaming. Real estate, E Commerce, Fashion, Retail, Automotive etc. will see more AR apps being developed to attract customers.

•  Beacon with integrated GPS technology has primary purpose to blur the difference between online and offline. Location-based technologies help track the right location which is giving essential information the user requires. This is very famous for retail and travel companies.

•  Hybrid app development is rapidly developing technique in the mobile app development sector that’s doing multiple rounds in the industry. Given a chance and you will be enticed by its never ending features. It saves money, can be used in more than one operating system and is booming in quick app development requirements. Requirements for Hybrid apps is increasing tremendously on the consumer side.
Choose the right people to develop your app and give structure to your ideas. Structure the app to drive the buying behavior online and offline.

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