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TYPO3: Your web site engine

TYPO3: Your web site engine

TYPO3 is an open source CMS that enjoys great success in Europe, especially in Germany. There are more than 300,000 websites using the CMS. Today, TYPO3 is used by many multinational companies such as Philips, Ford, Samsung, AirBerlin, BASF.
TYPO3 is credited to be highly flexible and can be extended by new functions without writing any program code. It can be used to build and manage small sites for individuals or non-profit organizations to multilingual enterprise solutions for large corporations. The TYPO3 Universe offers highly flexible, scalable and customizable products for Web Content Management.

Key TYPO3 advantages:

Simple User Interface: Updating existing or adding new pages is quick and simple

Feature-rich: Endless list of features, such as dynamic menus, multiple-domains and sites, SEO friendly, mobile-ready, multi-lingual, and a whole lot more.

Accessible: Responsive coding that follows the Web Accesibility Initiative (WAI) as well as standards for people with disabilities.

Internationalization and localization: Run your website in multiple languages on the front and back-end.

Flexible: TYPO3 is object oriented, thus making it very flexible. It runs on the free Apache/MySQL environment, comes with sophisticated template and caching options and offers an extensible API.

Stable: Important for large organizations, this system comes with legacy support, has a development plan and is a mature and tested platform.

Secure: Continuous and regular updates ensure security along with a broad developer base, SSL, audit trail and versioning.

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